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Sending Messages Inside the Game

xp 2006 screenshot with labels

The picture above is pretty close to what a Windows or Linux user will see. The mac client looks a bit different.

How to send Messages: Type 'm' or put your mouse cursor in the outgoing message window. On the Windows and Linux clients, it is the upper of the two thin one-line windows labeled "Typing" in the above diagram. This will be right below either the galactic or the tactical screen in most layouts. MacTrek has a text entry box in the middle of the right side of the screen.

Type the letter for who you want to send to:
ASend to All (Everyone!)
tSend to your own team
0-9, a-jMessage is sent to player of that number/letter
F,K,R,OSend to Federation, Klingons, Romulans or Orions

Type now your message followed by enter. Use the Esc key to cancel a message before sending it.

In most clients, you also can start a team message by putting your mouse pointer in the team message window,
and an "All" message by putting the pointer in the "All" window.

In Windows clients, you can start a message to a player by putting your mouse pointer over that player's entry in the playerlist window.